Nothing more needs to be elaborated on how much I essentially hate Sonic Boom. You see it in every comment I make in blogs pertaining to Sonic Boom. Yet, some still like to question my opinion, and let Sonic Boom have a chance. I'll tell you what: the minute Sonic Boom becomes something that doesn't make every fanboy's dream come true, doesn't polarize the franchise, doesn't have jokes that are bizarrely entertaining for toddlers, and doesn't let SEGA have an excessive amount of over-confidence for this project, then will I ever give it a chance.

Now, before I rant on about this, let me clarify: this is my opinion. Everyone is entitled to have their own separate opinions, so if I dear hear anyone comment saying something amount the lines of "Your opinion is wrong, give Boom a chance!", then I will ignore your comment since you did exactly what I told you not to do. And also, please note that I'm not at all mad, but rather displease. So, again, if I see a comment along the lines of "Dude, chill out", then, like the previous-said comment, I will ignore it.

Now, let's get down to the fun stuff!

I.) Characters and Redesigns

Now, these redesigns are not the worst thing about this new project; on the contrary, I actually like some of them. Tails and Amy actually look fine to me, whereas I'm starting to get used to Sonic's and Knuckles' designs (and yes, I am a victim for using the overused "leg day" joke). Eggman's also looks fine to me, as well. But, if you're going to completely redesign the core cast, and leave the supporting cast the exact same as they were in the mainstream games just because it's too risky, there's a problem. Literally, Shadow and Metal Sonic have received the slightest redesigns ever: Metal Sonic isn't even distinguishable from his game counterpart! And Shado- yeah, I should save that for another section.

And boy, boy oh boy, do I dislike Sticks the Badger. Words cannot describe how much of a useless space Sticks is.