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Please read my nomination thoroughly before stating your opinion.

SilverPlays97 is an outstanding editor and a natural-born leader. Therefore, I have officially nominated him for administrator rights. Before you vote, please take note of his skills.

I would first like to give credit for his hard work. From encouraging users to help him out on various projects, to him reminding us about threads that haven't even been answered in weeks (by the way, look at the third to last message on the latter link, I couldn't get it to link to his comment), Silver is a caretaker for the wiki. And that's what administrators are for: caretaking.

Second, his dillegence on the wiki. Silver is always on the move, whether it be adding pages to the deletion category or making new templates to help readers navigate on the wiki. And I know what you're thinking: "Administrators don't have to edit." But, trust me, with Silver being a user who can easily make templates (oh, and did I mention he was excellent at coding?), SilverPlays97 is easily one of the best runnerups for administrator the wiki has seen in months.

Finally, and most importantly, his overall influence. Administrators are supposed to be role models; and, in all honestly, Silver is the most influential user on the wiki that is not an administrator. Not only do his actions give evidence to this, but his determination, his edits, his appearance on the wiki prove this.

And so, that ends my nomination for SilverPlays97. He quite honestly deserves administrator rights, as he has to even remind administrators to do a certain task. If you need to, take your time with the nomination. That will be all for today, fellow wikians. User:BlueSpeeder/Signature 02:43, March 16, 2014 (UTC)


  1. As the poser. User:BlueSpeeder/Signature 02:43, March 16, 2014 (UTC)