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Template:Character Sonic the Hedgehog, or referred to as just Sonic and sometimes dubbed as Classic Sonic, is one of the main protagonists that appear in the video game Sonic Generations. Based off of the original design used for Sonic in the Sonic the Hedgehog (1991) video games up until Sonic R, Classic Sonic is the younger, past self of Sonic the Hedgehog from the current, modern timeline. Although that Classic and Modern Sonic are essentially the same character, both have different roles in Sonic Generations.


PS3/Xbox 360/PCEdit

During the events of Sonic Generations, Classic Sonic was running through Green Hill Zone until suddenly, a giant monster known as the Time Eater would take Green Hill Zone and merge it with the White Space area, thus bringing Classic Sonic in the mix. However, in the nearby future, Modern Sonic and his friends would get brought to the White Space area, as well. After going through Chemical Plant Zone and Sky Sanctuary Zone, along with taking down Metal Sonic at Stardust Speedway Zone, Classic and Modern Sonic both encountered each other but were suddenly disrupted by Dr. Eggman. Modern Sonic then realizes that there are two of him, and Modern chases Classic Sonic, but unfortunately Modern Sonic is too late. This results Classic Sonic into facing the Death Egg Robot. However, Classic Sonic easily defeats Eggman, only for the Time Eater to kidnap Eggman moments after Classic Sonic defeated him.

And thus, Classic and Modern Sonic met each other, in which both were surprised. However,